The Badgy Solution

The Badgy Plastic ID Card & Badge Solution

Instantly print personalised badges

Use the Badgy turnkey solution to print your own personalised badges on plastic cards.

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For Companies

Company ID Cards & Badges

As a company, Badgy helps you:

  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Instantly produce your staff ID badges whenever you need
  • Create high-quality event badges for your community
  • Instant printing of visitor badges
  • Print personalised and unique business cards
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For Stores

Store Loyalty Cards

As a store, Badgy helps you:

  • Add value to your brand image
  • Print wonderful loyalty cards directly in store
  • Produce quality gift cards
  • Create badges to identify your employees
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For Schools

Education establishment

As a school, Badgy helps you:

  • Increase security within your school
  • Create durable school badges yourself
  • Print your library cards yourself
  • Print your own student ID cards
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For clubs & associations

Clubs and associations

As a club, Badgy helps you:

  • Enhance your club's image
  • Instantly print personalised ID badges
  • Produce personalised membership cards
  • Print your own event badges
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Local Government

Local Government Badges

As a local government, Badgy helps you:

  • Strengthen the identity
  • Print your own personalised cards and badges
  • Easily print membership cards for your associations
  • Print your own transport cards for your schools
  • Personalize your cafeteria cards
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distinguish yourself

Distinguish yourself

Enhance your brand image with professional-looking, personalised badges you have printed yourself.

Print your cards instantly

Print your cards instantly

Produce cards and badges yourself in just a few minutes and give them straight to your contacts.

Heavy duty badges

Heavy-duty badges

Plastic cards are far more durable in everyday use compared to paper badges.

Discover the Badgy ID Card Solution

A plastic card printer

a plastic card printerbadgy200

A library of badge designs

Library of badge designs

Personalisation software

personalisation software

A consumables kit

Consumables kit
Discover the Badgy solution
easy to use

Easy to Use

Badgy is just as easy to use as a conventional printer! Choose your badge design from our card template library, personalise it using the software provided, and print it.

Fast Printing


You need just 15 minutes to install Badgy and print your first personalised badge. Badgy is fast and prints up to 95 cards an hour.

Compact Printer


No larger than a letter sized sheet of paper, as little space as possible on your desks and counters.

Easy to use Plastic ID Card Printer

The Badgy is the easiest and most affordable out-of-the-box plastic ID card printer available today. It delivers high quality printed plastic cards simply & quickly. The Badgy card printer is compact; its footprint size is no larger than a sheet of A4 paper, making it perfect to produce ID cards, staff cards, membership cards in most reception or office work surface areas.

Print your plastic ID cards as and when you require, on demand from the comfort of your home or office. No need to outsource, just simply click & print your plastic cards instantly!

The Badgy printer is the latest plastic ID card printer designed for companies / organisations that require issuing low quantities of plastic cards printed per year. With simplicity and ease of use for the end user in mind, the Badgy has been designed with a drop in ribbon cartridge and easy to load card hopper. As easy to use as any paper printer, just create your design and send the print job to the Badgy Card Printer to receive the finished printed card in moments.

If your paper or laminated membership / identity cards are taking too long and too much effort, take the next logical step and start printing professional plastic cards with the new Badgy plastic card printer!

Complete Plastic card printing solution
Badgy100 Plastic ID Card Printer

The Badgy card printer also lets you create: 

Event badges
Business cards
Visitor badges
Access badges
Staff ID badges
Loyalty cards
Plastic ID Cards