badgy quick start

Quick Start Guide

  1. Once you have unpacked the printer and its accessories, connect the power cable to the power supply unit, then plug the power cable connector into the printer.
  2. Plug the power cable into a grounded power socket.
  3. The printer is powered on.
  4. The pushbutton lights up, indicating that the printer is operational.
  5. Take the Badgy CD-Rom and insert it in your computer.
  6. Caution: You must install the printer driver before you install the 'Badge Studio' software.
  7. Click '1. Install the driver' and select your installation language.
  8. Caution: At this stage, the printer must not be connected to the USB port.
  9. A program will guide you through the entire installation process for the driver.
  10. Wait until the printer driver has been installed before connecting the printer to the computer with the USB cable.
  11. Once the driver has been installed, connect the USB cable to the computer and the printer.
  12. In the CD-Rom menu, click '2. Install Evolis Badge Studio'
  13. A program will guide you through the entire installation process for the software.
  14. Once the installation process is complete, the software will be launched automatically.
  15. Open the printer cover and insert the ribbon.
  16. Close the cover and press until a click is heard.
  17. Open the card feeder, insert the cards (print side facing up), then close the feeder.
  18. In Badge Studio, open the menu 'File > Print Settings' select your Badgy printer and click 'OK'
  19. Print by clicking the button in the software interface.
  20. You can find your printed cards in the output hopper.